Why Choose First Choice Business Brokers?


Just a few of the reasons to choose First Choice:

  • Professional business

  • Daytime and weekday hours

  • Business-to-business only

  • Highly scalable

  • No previous experience required

The retirement of self-employed baby boomers, corporate downsizing, and the ever-improving affordability of business entities have created an enormous market for decades to come. Of even greater importance is the resiliency of our industry to economic cycles. In "good" economies, business owners know that it's a good time to sell, and buyers have the money to pay the price. In "poor" economies, business owners often need to sell, and astute entrepreneurs know that it's the time to buy. Business purchases also rarely involve external financing, so credit scores and interest rates are much less of an issue in our industry than in others.

First Choice associates receive detailed training and support plus the latest methods of attracting buyers and sellers. Education does not stop after initial training, First Choice conducts continuing education webinars at no cost to our associates. We stay relevant with the latest and most innovative technology that helps our offices and associates keep up with trends.  All systems provided are proprietary, unique, and specific to First Choice procedures that have been developed over the past 26+ years.

Between First Choice’s monthly continuing education calls, ongoing update communications, and annual conferences we’ve become a close-knit community. Those that communicate and participate are our most successful associates.



Initial Training
Every First Choice Business Broker associate completes comprehensive induction training

which is both online and live interactive through First Choice University. We are in the trenches with you so we know what it takes to become a successful business broker and we can get you started off right! 

First Choice University enables associates to:

  • Start online training immediately

  • Repeat key areas that you want to re-take

  • Focus on "street-smart" techniques to get you fast results, not theoretical data that is only useful in a classroom

  • Learn at your own pace by combining virtual and on-demand modules with live online training

  • Train on the documentation necessary to protect the parties and guard against delays and unnecessary challenges

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Associates are trained by a team of experienced trainers including the founders of First Choice which enables those representing First Choice to be at the First Choice minimum standard which far exceeds the rest of the industry.

Prior to the live First Choice University Training webinars you will view detailed real world recorded modules. So you can fast track your training you will be provided with the recorded module video links immediately after joining the First Choice Team.


Here are a few of the many topics covered in the First Choice University curriculum:

  • Introduction to business brokerage

  • Fast track to acquiring listings

  • Working with buyers and sellers

  • Business valuations

  • Understanding financials when selling a business

  • Proven marketing methods to obtain listings

  • Comprehensive review of proprietary agreements
    (listing agreement, purchase agreement, etc.)

  • Listing case studies

  • Structuring purchase agreement terms

  • Closing the transaction

  • Defining your goals and creating your path

  • How to effectively use the First Choice systems and intellectual property


Our Values

I do what I say, my word is my honor. I always speak the truth. My integrity is a critical asset and I am committed to upholding it. I set high standards, and I abide by them as I practice business fairly and behave ethically. I share my expectations with others and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.

I hold myself to the highest standard, and continually work at raising my standard. I am professional in the way I present myself, in the way that I work and in the way I communicate with people.

I am united by an unspoken pledge, bound by my convictions. I prize dedication, and am moved to help others. I am committed to achieving my vision and by doing so will help others achieve theirs.

I wholeheartedly believe in my company. Its goals and objectives are in line with my own, and I enthusiastically embrace them and relentlessly pursue them. More importantly, I truly believe in myself, my company and in what I wish to achieve in life, and I am committed to making that happen.

How I communicate with others will determine my level of success. I understand that when I am communicating, it is my responsibility to ensure I am understood. I communicate immediately when I have questions and communicate directly with the person involved. Integrity and trust are key to open communication and are the basis of our culture.

Life Balance
I enjoy life and my work. I am cheerful and happy and enjoy a balance between my work life, my leisure time, my spiritual life and my family life.

I value my time with my family and the impact that they have on my life. I spend time with each family member and work at always improving my relationship with them. I realize that while I can chose my friends I can’t choose my family, so it is my responsibility to create relationships with each member that are positive to both my own life and theirs.

I realize that I cannot achieve all that I want in life on my own. I need my team, and they need me. Together we help each other achieve our goals. I realize that Together Everyone Achieves More.

I am open to learning new things. I am open to other people’s points of view, and realize that they do not need to be the same as mine. I embrace change and realize that in order to be successful in life I need to be adaptable.

I am a leader. I inspire and lead my team keeping them excited and focused on our goal. I help my team achieve their goals, and in doing so I am able to achieve mine. I constantly seek to become a better leader.

Accountability & Responsibility
I am accountable for my actions and the effect these actions have on others. I realize that what I have, who I am, and who I will become is my responsibility. I seek out to improve myself, learn from my past, enjoy the present moment, and strive to create a better future for myself and my company.


Our Trusted Partners
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