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First Choice Business Brokers is seeking Agents in many of our 60 offices nationwide.

First Choice may be the "Right Choice" for you. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at First Choice Business Brokers. Established in 1994 with offices across the U.S., First Choice Business Brokers has emerged as the industry leader in business sales.

Take a look at a short video from our 2022 National Convention and then continue reading to learn more about joining FCBB. 

If this information sparks your interest, or you'd like to learn more, you can submit your resume or communicate  directly to an office in your preferred area.

Thank you for your interest in joining First Choice Business Brokers. 

Jeffrey Nyman, CEO, First Choice Business Brokers

Is the Business Brokerage Profession Right for You?

10 Reasons to Get Excited About Business Sales
At First Choice Business Brokers, we are always looking for professional, talented people to join us. Whether your background is in business management, finance, or consulting, you may be looking for that next big career opportunity. Consider the following reasons why the business brokerage industry may be right for you.
Solid Market Opportunity
The size of the business sales market has an enormous impact on how much success you can enjoy as a First Choice business broker. In the United Staes, there are approximately 30 million small to medium size business. the Small Business Association estimates that up to 20% are for sale at any given time.
Another reason to get excited about business brokerage is the larger than average fees received for a business transfer or transaction.  Business sales are high ticket items that, when sold, generate substantial fees or commissions. These high fees or commissions will get you motivated to building strategic partnerships, marketing yourself and gaining referrals. A six figure income is highly probable in this profession.
You Don’t Need to Struggle to Stand Out
In the business brokerage sector, the competition among business brokers in general is very low. Most business brokerage offices are one-offs, and the industry is not dominated by major brands that drive competitiveness. There are only about 4000 Business Brokers currently operating. 
No Financial Qualifications
Surprisingly, you don’t need to have strong financial qualifications or financial experience to be successful. While management, business ownership or accounting experience will certainly put you at an advantage, the main quality successful business brokers share is an understanding of the client and a willingness to offer the best service possible. 
The Industry is Recession-Proof
As an industry, business brokerage time and time again emerges from market cycles unscathed. There are always buyers willing to buy and sellers willing to sell, and the market does not dictate their incentive for doing so. The latest survey report showed that 60% of all businesses sold due to the owner wanting to retire or was “burnt out” and needed a change.
The Industry is Internet-proof
While some industries have been majorly disrupted by the Internet and technology, business brokerage is not one of them. In fact, business brokerage benefits from the Internet. Consulting with clients and structuring deals requires the skilful involvement of a real person. Business sales require explanation, consulting and relationship skills. It’s extremely rare that anyone can buy a business over the Internet by just looking at the figures. 
Business Brokerage is a Highly Scalable Business Model
Because of how many businesses there are in the U.S., the opportunity to scale your business without a high level of investment is there. The more connections you build, the more you can grow and prosper.
You Can Help Clients Every Step of the Way
If you’re the kind of person who likes talking to, interacting with, and helping people, this is the profession for you. It’s a great way to build relationships and connections. If you get a kick out of helping people move to the next stage of their lives, then consider business sales.
You Can Manage Your Time to Fit Your Lifestyle
Business brokers are free to from wherever they wish, and enjoy the benefits of time flexibility. While you should commit to working as you would in a regular office, you can manage your lifestyle around work. In business sales, you are your own manager, and you can keep things running from any remote location if you have your phone or your laptop.


If this information has piqued your interest, please select an FCBB office from the map to submit your resume or communicate directly.


First Choice Business Brokers

5420 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89146

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